Monday, January 11, 2010

Don't Breathe!

   As much as I love Salt Lake City, I worry that it's poisoning us!  The city's air quality in the winter is apparently the worst in the entire country.  Your poor little developing lungs and heart are exposed to pollutants so abundant that I can see and taste them the moment our door is opened.  Our mountains are lost behind a dusty haze and the sky  isn't even blue anymore.  Drive a few miles north, and it looks as if you've escaped from the Thneed Factory

   Every day I engage in an internal debate: get some exercise and "fresh" air with the use of our amazing jogging stroller?  Or stay inside and play it safe, but boring?  Today's forecast dictates that we obey the latter. I mean, just look at that air!  We will amuse ourselves by doing lunges down the hall (you find this activity hilarious, especially if I shout "LUNGE!" every time I do it.) Here's hoping that a storm blows in strong enough to give us a reprieve from all this nastiness.


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