Monday, January 18, 2010

Forward Facing

   Newborns ride in a car seat facing the back window until about the time they turn a year old, when all of the sudden road trips become a lot more interesting.  We've recently made the switch.  I suspected this would happen, but it's now very hard to keep my eyes on the road when I have this view behind me:

   No, just kidding, both of your parents are very safe drivers, especially with you as a passenger.  But we do have a lot of fun peeking at you in the rear-view mirror.  Now that you can actually see us while we're driving, you expect to be a part of the conversation.  You've developed a very cute, in-the-know, smirking kind of laugh that you toss out every now and then.  "Totally, I know exactly what you mean," it says.  Then that gets us laughing and so it begins, the back and forth laughter game. 


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